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An MRI for $500, Please

December 17, 2013

For years we’ve been able to “shop” for health care insurance coverage — whether for individual policies or among different options offered by an employer. But if there’s one thing that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has done, it’s put a spotlight on the cost of not just insurance premiums — but…

Birth of the Phoenix

December 10, 2013

It can be from our dissatisfaction that we often get the motivation to do something new. That is one of the themes conveyed by Wharton professor G. Richard Shell in his book, “Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success.” According to him, we are, in some sense, defined by the conflicts we overcome. This is…

The Role of Uncertainty

December 3, 2013

Remember trying out for a sports team, or the high school play? Remember waiting to get your acceptance letter from the colleges where you applied? Remember that feeling that you couldn’t move forward, you couldn’t make plans … until you knew? [CLICK HERE] to read the article, “Political uncertainty keeps slowing economy’s rise,” at USA…

Shutting Down the Forest, But Not the Trees

November 26, 2013

It is with both wide-eyed interest and pit-of-stomach disgust that Americans have watched the political shenanigans and subsequent impact played out during the U.S. government shut down.  The whole strategy is reminiscent of watching a person trying to cut corners actually create a lot more work for himself. You see this with toddlers, lazy employees…

Washington D.C.: Showdowns, Shutdowns, Lockdowns and Touchdowns

November 19, 2013

Hollywood has to work pretty hard to steal headlines from the political ballyhoo and drama in the capital city recently. As for the showdown, the debt ceiling vote was seemingly taken hostage by politicians wanting to make a political statement at the cost of 800,000 government employees placed on furlough. Although the issue at stake…

Health Care Insurance Shopping Lowdown

November 12, 2013

The Health Care Insurance Exchanges are now open, and you have between now and March 1, 2014, to purchase a new health care insurance plan during the open enrollment period. Rest assured, if you experience a life-altering event, such as losing your job, moving to another state or having a baby, you will be eligible…

Retiring to a Place or a State of Mind?

November 5, 2013

Work in the modern age has become more virtual — meaning many people can conduct their jobs from home or on the road, thanks to smart phones, laptops and iPads. We used to refer to work as a place, as in “I’m going to work.” Now it’s really more of a verb: “I’m going to…

Attention: A Reminder Not to Take Candy from Strangers

October 29, 2013

This sounds like advice for children. We are forever worrying that they will trust the wrong person, fall for an innocent request for information and get involved in a terrible situation. It’s every parent’s nightmare. These days, it’s every adult child’s nightmare that his or her parents will succumb to some dark and devious plot.…

The Fed: Those Crazy Kids

October 22, 2013

One month they say they’re going to taper the current quantitative easing program…and a couple of months later they change their minds and decide to keep going. In the interim, interest rates on mortgages jumped, which put a slight damper on the housing market, and the markets fluctuated a little as they adjusted and readjusted…

Entrepreneurs: From Whence They Come

September 30, 2013

The atrocities in Syria have been dominating news stories as of late. It seems, sometimes, that never again will we have quiet on the Western front — a period of peace to allow our broken economy to heal properly. [CLICK HERE to read the article, “9 questions about Syria that you were too embarrassed to ask,”…

In the Middle

September 18, 2013

Remember Jan Brady of the Brady Bunch? She always lamented being the “middle child,” because Cindy got attention for being the littlest and “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” got attention as the oldest. Much like other children “in the middle,” Jan felt she got lost in the shuffle and no one cared about her. And so the…

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